Welcome to ModelScope and congratulations on deciding to start a webcam studio!

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If you have ANY questions during the sign up process, use our Live Support chat. You can also call / text us at +1-702-935-1800. Phone support is available Mon - Fri, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, US Pacific time. Text support is available 24/7.

  • You can sign up for a studio account and start recruiting models IMMEDIATELY.
  • To sign up a model, just send her to your model sign up link, which we'll provide after you register. Any models who register using your link will automatically be added to your studio account.
  • We offer many categories for your models to broadcast in, including both nude and non-nude categories. We accept male and female models, transgenders, couples, threesomes and groups of four models.
  • Your models can work from home, or you can provide them with a physical studio to work from. It's totally up to you, we don't care where they login from.
  • US and Canadian models earn competitive commission rates ranging from 30 - 60% of their gross sales. Models outside the US and Canada earn 24 - 48% of their gross sales.
  • You earn 10% of the combined net earnings of all your models. For example, if your models earn $100,000 in a month, your studio would earn $10,000. These figures are quite realistic. We have many studios earning that amount or more.
  • Normally, we handle all payments to your models. For US models, we also handle sending them 1099s at year end. However, if you prefer, we can pay your studio the total amount and you can pay your models yourself. Payroll is a big hassle, so we recommend letting us handle it, but it's up to you.
  • You can view all your models and track their earnings in your studio account.
  • We can provide you with a fully-branded, white label cam site, similar to ModelScope.
  • Your site will feature your own custom logo, color scheme and layout, plus the ability to control model categories, SEO text and more!
  • Models who register on your site will automatically be added to your studio account. No special tracking links required!
  • Earn up to $300 per member signup or 45% revshare on member spending. This is in addition to the commissions you earn on your models.
  • There is NO COST to setup a white label. You just need to register a domain and change the nameservers as per our specs.

We offer LOTS OF WAYS for your models to earn money on our site:

  • Tips

    Members can tip them at any time.
  • Private Shows

    This is how most models earn most of their income. Once a member takes a model private, she starts getting paid by the minute. She can set your own rates and both the model and the studio receive a percentage of the rate.
  • VIP Shows

    This is a group show where the model sets a tip goal and specifes what she'll do when the goal is reached. Members tip in until the goal is reached and then she performs the show for all members who tipped in.
  • Sell  Pictures and Videos

    Models can upload pictures and videos and set their own prices for members to purchase them.
  • Text Messaging and Video Calls

    Using our meseenger app, your models can exchange text messages, sell their pictures and videos and receive video calls from members, even when they're offline. This is completely optional, but it's a great way to boost their income.
  • My Story

    My Story works similarly to features of the same name on social media platforms. Models can post stories including pictures and videos for members to purchase.

  • Private Games

    This feature allows models to play games, like Truth or Dare, with members while they're in a private show. The benefit is it makes the show more interesting and fun, so the show lasts longer and the model makes more money.
  • Interactive Shows

    We support the Lovense Nora interactive toy. This is a vibrator that members can activate remotely while your models are in a show with them. This makes the experience more interactive and fun. Models who perform interactive shows usually make a lot more money.
  • Paying Snapshots

    Members can take pictures of your models while they're chatting and the model earns money each time they take a picture!
  • Member Referrals

    Each time a model refers a new member to the site, that member becomes permanently linked to that model account and the model earns 20% of everything the member spends on the site for the rest of his life. With this feature, your models can literally earn money while they're asleep!
  • Your models set their own rates which can vary between $0.98 / min to $9.99 / min.
  • For models in the United States and Canada, their percentage will vary from 30% to 60%, depending on how much they've earned so far during the pay period and which category they're broadcasting in.
  • Models broadcasting in the Amateur category always earn a flat 30%, regardless of their sales. Models can upgrade from the Amateur category to a regular category at any time, so long as they have professional profile photos and meet the technical requirements for our pro categories.
  • Your studio always earns a flat 10% of the combined net earnings of all your models.
  • The following tables show how much your models must earn during a pay period, to reach each percentage level:

U.S. / Canadian Models

$0 - $99 30%
$100 - $300 35%
$300 - $650 40%
$650 - $1,500 45%
$1,500 - $2,500 50%
$2,501 + 60%

Non-U.S. / Canadian Models

$0 - $99 24%
$100 - $300 28%
$300 - $650 32%
$650 - $1,500 36%
$1,500 - $2,500 40%
$2,501 + 48%

We offer a variety of payment methods, including:

  • Check
  • Direct deposit to your bank account via Coinbase. This is available in 39 countries.
  • Direct deposit to your debit card via Coinbase.
  • Direct deposit to your PayPal account via Coinbase.
  • Paxum
  • ePayments
  • Coins.ph (Philippines) - Coins.ph allows you to withdraw your earnings via bank transfer to your Philippine bank account, cash pickup at hundreds of locations throughout the Philippines, mobile money, or door-to-door delivery.
  • Bitcoin

Payout Schedule and Fees

  • The minimum payment is $20. If you earn less than $20 during a pay period, your earnings are NOT lost. The money stays in your model account until your earnings accumulate to more than $20.
  • There are two pay periods per month. The first pay period is from the 1st through the 15th of the month. The second pay period is from the 16th through the last day of the month.
  • Money you earn during the first pay period (1st - 15th) will be sent by the 10th of the following month. There is NO FEE for this.
  • Money you earn during the second pay period will be sent by the 25th of the following month. There is NO FEE for this.
  • You may OPTIONALLY request IMMEDIATE PAYOUT at the end of each pay period. Immediate payouts will incur a 1% fee, with a minimum fee of $5. For example, suppose you earn $500 during the first pay period of the month. If you request an immediate payout, the money would be sent on the 16th and a $5 fee would be deducted from the payment.
  • Webcam modeling is extremely safe and secure. Your models can work from the privacy of their bedrooms and visitors cannot find out their real names or locations. If you have a physical studio location, they can also work from there.
  • We hold their personal information in the strictest confidence and will NEVER reveal it to any member under any circumstances.
  • Your models can block all visitors from their home country or state. They may also block guests from up to three additional countries or states.
  • Since you and your models are paid as independent contractors, NOT as employees, this will NOT show up on any employment history or background check. No one will be able to find out that you own a webcam studio or that one of your models worked as a webcam model.
  • Please feel free to read our Privacy Policy.

Our friendly registration bot (Jen), will guide you through the sign up process. It's fast and easy. Your studio account will be active immediately upon submission.